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About Us

We are a global company committed to environmental sustainability, labor welfare and building community relations in countries where we operate.

Our sustainability strategy is based on four pillars:

  1. Support the development of the communities where our suppliers operate, in harmony with the environment.
  2. Developing suppliers based on transparent business relationships.
  3. Minimizing the footprint of our operations by promoting an environmental culture among our suppliers, collaborators and customers.
  4. Promoting the profitability of the chain at fair prices that allow sustaining environmental and community development.

What we do

Who we are

We are a multicultural team based in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Ethiopia ready to meet our customers’ demand for products from Latin America and Africa.
We are a team of technicians in agriculture, food safety, food processing, logistics, sustainability, marketing and sales with a lot of experience in the development of new markets.
We are a team of investors committed to sustainability.


Our field teams have developed training programs for our network of producers on agrochemical use, water management, risk management, pesticide residues, management plans and many other topics to ensure the safety of the final product.

We implement with our technical team food safety certifications throughout the supply chain. Global GAP, Primus, GFS, BRC Global, FSMA, HACCP, IFS.

Internal Control Audits
Our technical team periodically conducts control audits of our suppliers to ensure compliance with food safety management plans.


Fresh and Herbs

Small farmers or farmer groups committed to our food safety and environmental sustainability policy.

Our network of producers is managed by technical experts who train, support and evaluate all members.

Super Foods

They are our market innovators. They develop products from non-traditional sources with high nutritional value and a contribution to the health and well-being of consumers.


Experts in beverages for high performance, many ingredients, many benefits, and many flavors.

Drinks with not traditional ingredients: CBD, Guayusa, Coconut water and others, for young consumers who are looking for new options. Heathy content and sustainable packaging.


Small farms of roses, summer flowers, and tropical flowers, committed to the rational use of agrochemicals and our quality policies.


Climate Change 

We measure our ecological footprint to reduce the impact of all activities in our supply chains to achieve a climate-smart operation.


2012- We founded Negotium Ecuador, a consulting company focused on food safety, sustainability and business development.